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What Two Apps Does Your Business Use That You Can't Live Without?

I met somebody recently who was in sales for many many years, without the use of a cell phone. Even while away on business she would use the hotel landline. Years away from that, not only do we have cellphones but we have many apps to make our life simpler and easier. I would love to hear from my readers what apps make your life easier.

Below you will hear from business owners about their favorite apps. I’m not sure if our lives are easier with cell phones and apps; it seems like not having a phone is a dream of mine—I don’t know about you! ;-)

~ Stacey

Karen Befhar

Hi, I am a local real estate broker in Brooklyn. 

I was thinking about the two apps that I can't live without and was debating between Instagram and WhatsApp, but when we had the social media/WhatsApp outage a few months ago, the one that was harder for me to deal with was no WhatsApp—so WhatsApp takes the cake!

The two apps that I can't live without are WhatsApp and Clickup.

95% of my communication with clients and agents in the office is through WhatsApp (I would rather have the convenience of 100 WhatsApps than make one phone call, LOL).

Another app I can't live without is Clickup. It is a back-end system of how we input all our listings and communicate the status of different updates and incoming leads within our office.

Tanya Rosen

WhatsApp! We have 86 (no exaggeration!) WhatsApp groups for work chats and I can't picture working without them.

My alarms. I love my lists but I rely on alarms for everything! From phone sessions to the kids’ buses to drinking my water!

Blimy Glauber

Hi, my name is Blimy Glauber. I am the CEO and owner of MBG Brokerage Inc., an insurance brokerage specializing in property and casualty insurance. I started my business in December of 2013 on my dining room table in my two-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn on my own. Since then I have brought my husband into the business and, baruch Hashem, we have been able to grow the company.

The two apps I can't live without are WhatsApp and Hawksoft.

We use WhatsApp to communicate with our clients all day long to help maintain our customer service and satisfaction. Hawksoft is our management software. We use this software for our day-to-day management of our client data.

Malkie Scholnick

Malkie Scholnick is the chief at The Bold Edge, where she has successfully trained more than 1,500 designers through her graphic design, web design, and teen creative digital courses both online and via USB.

Here are two apps that I really love:

They save me so much time and keep me organized!

Trello (

It is very visual and is great to:

  • Plan out a project
  • Plan out your meals for the week
  • Store inspiration according to categories

Loom (

Great for:

  • Recording videos going over a project for a client
  • Creating training videos for staff
Karen Behfar

Karen Behfar holds a Bachelor's degree and a Masters in Psychology and Special Education which she uses in her work when dealing with people, whether in negotiating or providing quality advice and service. She currently works in the real estate industry as a successful broker and owner of The Behfar Team together with her husband, Aharon. The Behfar Team offers expertise in customer service, sales, and working with investors and sellers alike, while maintaining integrity and professionalism no matter the situation. Email:

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