Pesach Hotel and Resort Tips

Can I maintain or even lose weight during Pesach at a hotel or resort? ABSOLUTELY!I’ve compiled a list of tips from my many years of experience with Pesach getaways. 


Most hotels offer exercise classes, separate gym and pool hours, and some have beautiful grounds and walking trails. Take advantage of these amenities. Burn calories and set the right tone for the day. Try to fit in a workout on Erev Pesach after you’ve settled into your room. That way you will stay away from the lavish arrival meal and you will also come into Yom Tov with the right mindset. 

Healthy choices:

There is a plethora of food from which to choose but there are also more than enough healthy choices. For example: At a breakfast buffet, have a custom omelet prepared for you with cooking  spray, a whole egg, two egg whites, and your choice of vegetables. Choose cut-up fruits and salads with dressings on the side. Sit down and eat without going back to check out the food. When leaving, use the closest exit instead of walking past the food to the last exit in the dining room.  

The tea room is not a necessity:

You can enjoy the tea, coffee, and fruits. If you will be too tempted by the food there, send someone to get your drink for you. Sit in the lobby to enjoy your drink instead of at one of the tables in the tea room where you will be surrounded by tempting junk food. You can also opt to do something else altogether. 

Your one treat:

Do allow yourself one treat a day if necessary, but only if you are sure it won’t make you crave more. Keep in mind that when comparing homemade desserts to catered desserts, it’s not even worth cheating. I have yet to taste a dessert on Pesach that is better than homemade. Don’t let your progress go to waste. 

Make a request:

Ask your server to bring you fruit for dessert instead of the dessert that is being served. Most hotels are happy to accommodate. Some even offer additional food options such as salt-free, sugar-free, fat-free, dietetic, etc. All you have to do is ask.  

Pesach is only one week:

Whether you have been on the plan for months or only a couple of weeks, don’t ruin your hard work over one holiday. It is so much harder to get back into it once you’ve stopped. Remember that Pesach is so much more than just food. Focus on the “non-food” meaning of the holiday and spending time with your loved ones.  

Limit table time during meals:

Simply said, eat and be done. Do not linger around. Go to the lobby or to a nearby sitting area to continue conversations elsewhere.  

Only order what you need:

The waiter usually brings over a sheet listing all the appetizers, main dishes, etc. As opposed to buffet or family-style dinners, this actually is helpful because if you do not ask for it, it will not be there. 

Bring a scale:

I am contradicting myself here because you may have read my “anti-scale” article where I recommend weighing yourself only once a week. However, I find it helpful to check in with the scale between Yom Tov days just to see how you are doing. 

Treat the buffet as a visual menu:

Just as in a restaurant you cannot order or sample everything on the menu, the same applies here: Take a look and then make a choice. 

Start every day with a good breakfast:

This means a protein (yogurt, omelet, etc.) and a fruit or vegetable. You can also add a little starch such as half a matzah. If you start your day with sugar or junk food, your blood sugar will not be steady and you will find yourself craving more sugar throughout the day. 

Tanya Rosen

Tanya Rosen is the founder and owner of Nutrition by Tanya with 12 locations throughout NY, NJ, and Israel. Tanya is also the creator of the TAP (Tanya approved products) food line sold in all major supermarkets through the U.S which includes pastries, meals, kugels, and more, all healthy of course. Tanya is the author of Cooking with Tanya and Gluten Free cooking with Tanya; healthy and gourmet yet easy cookbooks. Aside for nutrition and fitness, Tanya has always loved writing and is proud to represent Jewish women after choosing to become observant at the age of 19. Tanya can be reached by emailing To follow her daily health tips on what’s app, send her a message at 917-913-1523

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